2021 W-2's

2021 W-2 Printing
By Greux

As of Greux Version 15.4, you may print employee's W2s as 4 copies
on a single sheet. See your office supply company for paper stock
( 8 1/2 x 11 inch) that is perforated to be separated into 4 copies.
You may get window envelopes to mail these in also.

If you do this you will need to report to the SS with either
the standard format W2 OR set up an account and use the
EFW2 (electronic filing W2) feature

Note - For those who plan to use the EFW2 (Electronic Filing) feature,
there are no changes for 2021

The W2 format for the 2021 is the same as it was for 2007-2020. No format changes.

To view the Print Positions, click here: 2007-2021 W2 Specifications


For those who printed W2's last year with Greux, you should be already be ready to print W2s for 2021.

If your W2's do not print properly then go to the Greux W2 Print Format window and click the button labeled 'Load 2007 Default Format' and save. If the button does not say 2007, then you should connect to the Internet and use the Greux Download/Install Updates facilities to get the latest Payroll updates.


Other W-2 Alternatives

The Greux software has the magnetic media format (EFW2)as a standard feature for Version 15.4 or later. the latest format available. Check with your dealer or Larry Genereux

If you do not already have Greux Payroll, for pricing info and to order:

In Washington state, call Software Solutions at 509-969-6262.
Otherwise, call your dealer or call Larry Genereux at 432-362-4618.

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