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GREUX Business Accounting Software
for Windows

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The next generation for KISS users
Full 32 bit Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP Compatibility
Developed and written by Larry Genereux, the author of KISS software

Accounting modules consist of:
General Ledger
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Crop Cost
Job Cost
Order Entry/Invoicing
Inventory with B/M
Purchase Orders
All systems come with the Control Module and Report Generator

Compatibility with KISS
The initial release of Greux will fit over the KISS data files without any conversion. In fact the KISS user will be able to run their accounting either through KISS and/or using Greux.

Features of Greux (pronounced 'grew')
The software will combine all the functional features of the KISS software, while taking advantage of the technological features of Windows. As a matter of fact, the product descriptions for KISS, apply to Greux as well.

Some NEW Features of Greux
Greux will have context sensitive help available at all windows except for the simple "Yes/No/Cancel/Are you Sure?" type request windows. This help is available through the Options Menu on each window. Also all master screen windows will have help available for each data text field via the click and drag the question mark. Even the contents of every help display may be modified if the user has the appropriate permission. This provides for customized help for your business including changing to a another language.

View the Online Library of Help Files Here

Printing may be directed to any printer on your computer, or to any available printer on a network. Simply select from a list of printers. Also a psuedo printer called SaveATree may be selected to bypass printing.

Extensive use of drop down lists for selecting from tables of multiple choices is employed.

The List and Search feature for master files, such as finding a customer, a part number, etc., is standardized and presented whenever needed. Options for listing forward or in reverse, starting at a certain account, and for searching for data are easy and powerful. Look at the Select a G/L account Window. Listing and searching for any other master is identical.

Some actual windows
For a preview, take a peek at the following pictures:
(Use your Back button to come back here)
Greux Main Entrance
General Ledger Menu
Select a G/L account
Options Menu (w/help)
Help Window
G/L Account# Master
G/L Financial Reports
G/L Profit/Loss
A/R Customer Master
A/P Vendor Master


GREUX Business Accounting Software
Copyright @ 2001-2012 Larry Genereux - Gardendale TX

E-mail Larry Genereux: Author of Greux

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