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Manual Method to Download Greux Program Updates

Note - This is for Currently Installed GREUX users, who are having problems using the Greux internal downloading routines at File | Utilities | Download updates.

Download Instructions

The goal is to download (save) the needed application programs below into the C:\ACCTDFLT\DOWNLOAD folder on your computer.
All systems use the Control Module and Report Generator.
Select only the other modules used on your Greux system.
When finished downloading, run Greux File|Utilities|Install Updated Programs

Step by Step

1. On the desired application below, Left Click on Download Now.
2. Select Save or Save As (do not open)
3. On the Save in window, find your C drive, and open it.
4. Open the 'Acctdflt' folder on your C drive.
5. Open the 'Download' folder in the 'acctdflt' folder.
6. Save the File being downloaded - Say yes to overwrite the old one if asked
(Don't change the file names, they are named 'Greux??.exe' where ?? is the
Application abbreviation)
7. Repeat 1 - 6 for each application. When finished, do step #8 below.

Note the files sizes below are approximate. See the Update list below for actual sizes.

Control Module - Download Now (400K) (all systems)
General Ledger - Download Now (300K)
Accounts Payable - Download Now (320K)
Accounts Receivable - Download Now (280K)
Payroll - Download Now (470K)
OE/Invoicing - Download Now (340K)
Inventory - Download Now (303K)
Purchase Orders - Download Now (321K)
Cost Reporting (Crop or Job) - Download Now (240K)
Report Generator - Download Now (240K) (all systems)
Maintenance program 1 - Download Now (240K) (Needed ONLY if instructed by support person)

8. Important - After all the desired programs have been downloaded into
C:\acctdflt\download you are finished here.
Now Go into Greux, select File | Utilities | Install Updated Programs,
and click on Update. This completes the update.

Note that Windows should remember steps 3,4,5 so it will be ready
to save into c:\acctdflt\download for all but the first download.

Download in any order. If you miss one, your system will still run with
the previous version of that module. If you download one you dont use
it will just take up a little space on your hard drive.

How to Download Programs using any NON-Greux computer
to be transported to a current Greux system for updating.

If you are very familiar with Windows, you may download into a portable media
such as a r/w CD or a USB thumb or flash drive. In the steps above, save using the
drive letter of the media (you may create a folder on this drive if you wish),
instead of c:\acctdflt\download.

Take the portable media to the computer with your Greux system.
Use Copy and Paste to load the 'Greux??.exe' files into that computer's
'C:\acctdflt\download' folder, replacing those there.

Then do step #8 above.

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For more info or assistance:

In Washington state, call Software Solutions at 509-969-6262.
Otherwise, call your dealer or call Larry Genereux at 432-362-4618.

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