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ATS Time Clock Feature

This extra cost feature provides for recording employee clock in/out times made on the ATS time clock terminal. These times are then processed by the KISS software and posted to Payroll and Job Cost, ready for P/R weekly check printing.

The ATS (Accu-Time Systems, Inc.) electronic time clock is a self-contained unit with a numeric keypad and badge reader, that after being loaded with valid badge and job numbers, will record the date and time a valid badge is swiped or keyed. Also a corresponding Job (or Dep't) and Cost code may be entered at the same time. All time stamps are stored internally in the terminal's own memory. The unit will operate standalone or attached to a computer's com port. It need be attached to a computer only to retrieve stored time stamps, and to load it with employee and job tables.

The Payroll has comprehensive time clock configuration options for tailoring the system to the end user requirements. Among these are:

Captured clock in/out times may be proofed, printed, and edited daily.

Time clock data may be posted daily to Job Cost (if used) independently of Payroll processing.

At the end of the work week the proofed time clock data is posted to the Payroll, ready for printing checks.

An easy data entry routine for off site workers is provided. It allows automatic entry of clock in/out times according to the shift schedule of the employee for the entered date. These may be edited if needed (ex: add overtime in/out times).

Besides Payroll processing, reports (screen or printer) are available to show who is on what job at any date and time within a work week. Absence reporting is also done.

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