Year 2007 Oklahoma P/R Tax Tables

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For the GREUX or KISS Payroll

Updated Dec 29, 2007

Note - GREUX users
If you have not done so since the above date, you should Download/Update your Greux programs. Then for every company that has a Payroll, get to the P/R Configuration/Tax tables window. Select OK and click on the "Update selected tax table" button. You can do this when you update your US (federal) tax tables. This is all you need to do to get the latest tables. These Tax Table Masters are always available with the Payroll module.

The following is furnished for reference only for GREUX users. You may use the Tax Tables listed below to verify that you have updated your tables.

Summary of changes

The 2007 Oklahoma Annual Payroll tax calculations and tables have been changed. You would expect the withholding to change according any new legislation that has been announced. These changes are taken verbatum from the Oklahoma state website and the percentage method using the annual tables. See:
Oklahoma Tax Commission Web Site
(click on "2007 withholding tables" - a .pdf file)

-- For KISS Users ONLY --
The following instructions apply only for the KISS users that DO NOT have GREUX installed yet.

After reading at least the P/R Setup info below, you may download your 2007 Oklahoma tax tables to a diskette, along with your 2007 Federal tables by clicking on the following link. Follow the instructions on that page. It won't hurt to load the US tables again.

Go to the Tax Table Download Page

It is highly recommended that you DO NOT MANUALLY update your Oklahoma tax tables (Line by Line) - use the Tax Table Download Page just above !

The following is shown for reference only. Your tables should look like these below if you have downloaded and updated successfully.

Note there is no Head of household table for Oklahoma. The Single table is used for a marital status of H.

Read the following narrative about P/R Setup For Employee Screen #2

Field #7 (state exemptions) is ignored in tax calculations. Field #6 (federal exemptions) is used for the number of dependents claimed, even for Oklahoma taxes. (This has always been the case)

Married employees with dual income should be set to single if more withholding is needed.

If more withholding is desired for an individual, use field #14 (Extra State Withholding). Amounts here of $1.00 or more are added to the taxes after all calculations are done. Amounts less than $1.00 are considered rates. Example: .05 will increase the the amount withheld by 5%. Note that Field #13 works the same way.

                             TAX TABLES
                           ALL Changed for 2007
            Not Used - Automatically uses SINGLE below
                   CLASSIFICATION:  OK  - MARRIED
   SEQ.       GROSS WAGE        DOLLARS                    
   NO.          LIMIT            OF TAX        RATE  STATUS

   01           5,500.00           0.00      0.00000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   02           7,500.00           0.00      0.00500 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   03          10,500.00          10.00      0.01000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   04          13,000.00          40.00      0.02000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   05          15,300.00          90.00      0.03000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   06          17,700.00         159.00      0.04000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   07          20,500.00         255.00      0.05000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   08      99,999,999.99         395.00      0.05650 ACTIVE      01/01/07
                CLASSIFICATION:  OK  - SINGLE
   SEQ.       GROSS WAGE        DOLLARS                    
   NO.          LIMIT            OF TAX        RATE  STATUS

   01           2,750.00           0.00      0.00000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   02           3,750.00           0.00      0.00500 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   03           5,250.00           5.00      0.01000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   04           6,500.00          20.00      0.02000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   05           7,650.00          45.00      0.03000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   06           9,950.00          79.50      0.04000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   07          11,450.00         171.50      0.05000 ACTIVE      01/01/07
   08      99,999,999.99         246.50      0.05650 ACTIVE      01/01/07        
                           Same as 2006
  SEQ. NO.       OPERATION                                    STATUS

  02            IF V0  NOT EQUAL 'H' THEN GO TO SEQ. NO. 4    ACTIVE
  03            V0 = 'S'                                      ACTIVE
  04            W0 = 1000                                     ACTIVE
  06            COMPUTE W2  = V1  * W0                        ACTIVE
  07            COMPUTE W9  = V4  - W2                        ACTIVE
  10            GO TO TAX TABLE                               ACTIVE
  12            S0 = V6                                       ACTIVE

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