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Customization prices are quoted by the project. The basis for these prices is the estimated number of hours needed for the project including design, programming, testing, documentation, and support. The price per hour is guaged at $50-$100, depending on the size of the project. The smaller the project the higher the scale.

Source code is not distributed (except for Report Writer programs), and all modified source code remains our property including marketing rights.

Current users of KISS desiring new or special features may submit their requests to us. If it is something needed immediately, we will quote a price for the project or feature, and if acceptable schedule it as soon as possible.

Otherwise, requests are put into a user wish list. Those that will improve the system, and have been requested from many users, will be added as time permits for inclusion in the next annual upgrade.

Large projects such as the POS and the P/R time clock feature were contracted by current users. We did keep in mind the marketability of these features for the cost of the project, but we didn't bank on it. Thats why we are still in business.

Many user requests for special features are solved simply by changes in their procedures, or by pointing out a feature already available. It is easy to perform the usual day to day routines and never notice an option that has not been used before.

Call or e-mail us about your specific requirements. Customization may not be required at all.

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