GREUX Accounts Receivable

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Accounts Receivable is part of the complete GREUX system of business accounting applications. Accounts Receivable will automatically update the General Ledger when used, and also interacts with Order Entry/Invoicing, Job/Crop Costing and Purchase Orders when used.

The A/R module provides for a master file of customer information, referenced by an alpha-numeric system of upto 8 characters or digits for account numbers. Names, addresses, phone#'s, with current balances owed, and YTD sales and payments are among the various info stored for each customer. Detail of invoices and payments may be searched, viewed, and/or printed from each customer's master screen.

The standard reports that may be run are customer statements and customer aging reports.

A/R transactions are single total amounts entered from the total of invoices that have been issued to charge customers in order to track and apply future payments.

If invoices containing itemized detail lines of product sales or services are needed, then the Greux Order Entry/Invoicing application should be considered also. It can produce detailed invoices, which are posted as a total transaction, in lieu of manual entry thru A/R. O/E can also interact with the GREUX Inventory module if selling products and tracking of on hand quantities, reserved, and on order is required.

Major features include:

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