Accounts Payable Help Documentation

Screen#'s are on the bottom right corner of each window in GREUX
These actual help files below are available while viewing or using the corresponding windows in the GREUX system

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Screen # AP0000 - Accounts Payable Main Menu
Screen # AP010220 - Usual G/L account
Screen # AP010299 - Copy into Clipboard
Screen # AP0104 - Edit Vendor invoice transactions
Screen # AP0105 - Find Vendor Transactions
Screen # AP0202 - Accounts Payable Expense Checks
Screen # AP02021 - Print (or not) a hard copy Check
Screen # AP0203 - Approve Invoices for payment
Screen # AP0204 - Check Formating
Screen # AP0206 - Check Formating
Screen # AP0211 - Print checks for All Vendors
Screen # AP0300 - Enter Vendor Invoices
Screen # AP0301 - Enter Immediately Vendor Invoices to be Paid
Screen # AP0302 - Apply Credit Invoices to Selected Invoices
Screen # AP03021 - Amount of Credit or Invoice to Be Applied
Screen # AP0330 - A/P Vendor Batch Invoicing
Screen # AP0403 - Vendor Activity Reports
Screen # AP0406 - Vendor Label Printing
Screen # AP0408 - Print 1099's
Screen # AP04081 - Print Vendor 1099-Misc
Screen # AP04082 - Print All eligible Vendor 1099s
Screen # AP0409 - Print Unvouchered Receipts
Screen # AP0501 - Accounts Payable Check Register
Screen # AP0503 - Clear A/P Check Register

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